Charitable Trusts

We are well equipped to service both organisations and individuals interested in charitable giving

The FCM Group has a number of clients where philanthropic endeavours are a priority. We administer charitable foundations for both organisations and individuals. Philanthropy has been a subject of increasing media attention over the last few years and FCM Group is well equipped to service clients who are interested in charitable giving. We work closely with clients and their advisors to create structures which can support the donors in achieving their philanthropic goals.

Services include:

  • Structuring affairs of grant making charities
  • Formation of charitable Trusts and Foundations
  • Registration of charitable vehicles in relevant jurisdictions
  • Administration of applications for charitable grants using our online web system
  • Collating and presenting, where appropriate, the charitable requests for consideration
  • Organising charitable donations in such a manner as suits the clients needs whilst carrying out full due diligence in applicants