About FCM Trust

Our history, values and structure


Company History

Colonel Henry Robert Hall OBE

Henry Robert Hall OBE

FCM Limited was founded in 1997 by the late Henry Robert Hall OBE TD MSI (“Bill”). The origins of the FCM business however stretch back much further than 1997.

Bill Hall established his professional career in London in the 1950’s during which period he was appointed a Member of the London Stock Exchange and became a partner with Phillips and Drew where he looked after high net worth clients and families.

In 1978 Bill Hall took early retirement and moved to Jersey but he remained a Consultant with Phillips and Drew leading to him being re-elected a Member of the London Stock Exchange and opening a Phillips and Drew branch office in St.Helier, Jersey.

Bill remained actively involved with those clients and families he managed and developed whilst at Phillips and Drew in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Under Bill’s leadership investment and property structures were established and administered in Jersey and it is this core nucleus of families that continue to be administered by FCM right up to the current day.


About Us

The corner stone of the FCM Trust Group is the efficient delivery of service that focuses specifically on the needs of our clients. Our highly experienced team have a deep understanding of the personal, commercial and legal aspects of a wide range of structures and consequently are able to ensure that the needs of the beneficiaries, shareholders and investors are met. We are ICAEW QPRT registered. We are authorised to train ICAEW Chartered Accountants from 31st August 2018.


Our Independent structure

The FCM Group originated from the family wealth of the “Hall Family” and was founded in Jersey in 1997. The strategic decision has been taken to develop the business without acquisitions and mergers.

The independent structure allows our clients to receive personalised professional advice via both our own Directors and via the professional intermediaries that we work with. These include Lawyers, Accountants, Investment Managers, Bankers, Tax Advisers and Real Estate Companies.

We actively review the performance of our professional intermediaries to ensure that the service and performance standards are maintained and to ensure that our clients’ interests are always protected.

Business Snapshot

  • Quality and dedication with transparent competitive fees
  • Administer and manage over 200 client entities
  • c£1b of assets under administration, focusing on working with “independent investment managers”
  • We specialise Private Clients, Corporate Services and Very Private Funds/JVs sectors
  • Highly experienced team managing property, estates and other assets including intellectual property
  • Managing a number of “family offices” including “third generation” clients
  • Well-funded and fully insured